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A Nice Fish Caught on a Homemade Lure
If you have managed to find this lure making blog in amongst all the other sites that are on the internet it is fairly likely that you are either thinking about making or have started to make your own homemade fishing lures. You are most likely on a search for some ideas, maybe some advice or possibly just information in general about lure making. Well, if you have a good browse through the pages of this site there's a good chance that you'll find something useful to take away with you.

When I got into the hobby of lure making (not too long ago) one of the first things that I did was search the web - an internet search for "how to make fishing lures" and "lure making". I found that there's a lot of information on the internet about fishing lure making - some good and some not so good! What I have set out to do with this blog is . . . .
. . . . . organise all the lure making information that I have found and put it together along with my own lure making ideas and projects so that anyone who's interested in making their own lures can find useful information quickly and easily within the pages that I have posted here. I sincerely hope that you find the ideas, photos, links and information on this blog useful and of interest as you get involved in the hobby of lure making and begin to learn how to make fishing lures of your own.

About This Lure Making Blog
Cutting Out the Blank for One of my First Ever Lures
As I write the first page of this lure making blog (August 2011) I am in fact only beginning to make my first ever homemade lures. My plan is to use this blog as a diary of sorts to keep a record of my lure making projects and show you the steps involved in making fishing lures as I learn how to make fishing lures of my own. I hope to learn how to make as many different kinds of fishing lures as I possibly can - jerkbaits, crankbaits, hard plastic lures, soft plastic lures, jigs, spinners, spoons, etc and record what I learn as I go along by posting photos, articles and maybe a few videos on this blog to show you all the steps involved.

Why Write A Blog About Lure Making?
So then why would I bother to create a lure making blog. There are a number of reasons why I decided to start this blog. One of the main reasons - and I mentioned this earlier in this post - I noticed when researching lure making online that there is an awful lot of how to make fishing lures information available on the internet but you will find that it is scattered all over the place. For example you may find a site which has good information about making jerkbaits but little or no information on crankbaits. You might find another lure making site which is all about making fishing jigs but has no other lure making related information. So my first reason for putting together this lure making blog is to create a one stop lure making website with information on how to make every single kind of lure that I can.

Another reason for creating this 'how to make fishing lures' blog is that I'm obviously a fisherman and am interested in all things outdoors and fishing related. Although I have done quite a bit of lure fishing in my younger years - my first ever fish, a pike of seven pounds was caught on a lure (a small mepps type spinner) - I have hardly bothered to cast a lure at all in the last number of years preferring bait fishing tactics for most of my fishing. As a result my lure collection is pretty pathetic, numbering about 50 or so and most of them too small (a lot of them I've had since I was a kid) for targeting the bigger pike I'd like to catch these days. In order to modernise my lure collection and get back into lure fishing I plan to make my own lures and keep a record of my lure making projects here on this blog.

If Only This Were True!
Blogging about lure making and of course actually making the lures themselves will hopefully add a whole new dimension to my fishing hobby. With work and family commitments it is not always easy to make the time to get out and do some fishing - I doubt that there's a fisherman alive that gets to spend enough time fishing!  Finding time to spend the occasional half an hour in the garage working on some lures or at the computer writing a lure making blog post is certainly going to be a lot easier than setting aside half a day or more to get  out on the water to do some fishing. Making my own lures will allow me to be involved in fishing when I cant actually go fishing. This is probably the same reason why so many anglers all across the world make their own lures, tie their own flies, make various items of fishing tackle or even build their own boats! I'm sure that when I have a stack of new homemade lures to test out I'll be a lot more resourceful when it comes to making the time to go fishing.

Once again welcome to my lure making blog. If you have any questions or comments or even some lure making tips or ideas I'd love to hear from you - as they say a problem shared is a problem halved, an idea shared is an idea doubled! I hope you find this blog informative and wish you the best with your own lure making projects.

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